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Japanese-language training for labor exports opens at SXU


Updated: 2021-01-08

An opening ceremony for Shanxi University (SXU)'s first Japanese-language training class for labor exports of Shanxi province recently took place at the university.

More than 300 trainees attended the ceremony, which was broadcast live online on the Shanxi Education and Learning Platform.

Wu Hailiang, deputy director of the Shanxi Department of Resource and Social Security, introduced the current situation, the difficulties and prospects of college students' employment and the overseas export of Shanxi's labor services. Wu also analyzed the current international labor market's demand for intermediate and senior professionals and technical personnel.

He said that Japanese-language training is the starting point for the province's export of labor services to Japan and recognized Shanxi University's strong support and promotion of the program.

Vice-president Liang Jiye of Shanxi University addressed the ceremony, stating that strengthening vocational skills training is a key measure to improve the quality of workers and an effective way to enhance personal employment and entrepreneurship. Liang added that improving vocational skills training programs is a specific action to give play to the university's advantages and social influence.

The Japanese-language training funded by Shanxi's financial departments is a strategic measure to expand the international job market, implement the employment priority policy and improve the degree of organization for labor exports. 

In July 2020, Shanxi University became an organization unit for Shanxi's labor exports.

A total of 2,631 undergraduates and postgraduates from the university have signed up for the free training, covering 26 colleges and the schools of liberal arts, sciences and engineering.