Weifang Biomedical Industrial Park

(wfgx.gov.cn) Updated: 2016-10-27


The Weifang Biomedical Industrial Park, located at Weifang National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, has some 130 businesses in the science and technology sectors. It has built-up a national innovation base and an incubation center to develop new medicines. The park also has a hi-tech innovation service center and an entrepreneurial base for college students.

The park boasts Shandong’s first national-level biomedical incubator and non-profit biomedical pre-production service platform, with a large amount of research equipment worth around $10 million. As an important part of the national platform for innovative pharmaceuticals, the park is a first-class base for pharmaceutical research and development, and for pre-production incubation.

At present, the biomedical industry in the park is mainly focused on new medicine (including traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine and marine medicine), medical equipment, biological farming, environmental protection and testing services, as well as logistical issues for the pharmaceutical industry.

The park will take full advantage of new technology and develop new vaccines, diagnostic methods, biotech drugs, and improve diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular, nervous and digestive system diseases.

The park will also strengthen research into pharmaceuticals, promote new technologies applied in mass production, use modern technology to improve the processing of traditional Chinese medicine, and develop medical equipment and materials on intervention. Research into methods of diagnosis will also be improved.

At the same time, the park will develop related industries, improve support for R&D, improve the training of health care professionals, develop intermediary services, and improve medical logistics to form a sound industrial structure.