Xinli Superconducting

Updated: 2016-12-05

Weifang Xinli Superconducting Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in Weifang Hi-tech Development Zone in September 2009, is a hi-tech enterprise teamed up with Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Institute of High Energy (IHEP). In December 2009, the company, with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of High Energy (IHEP), signed Superconducting Technology Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement, which aimed at developing the leading products including superconducting MRI magnets, superconducting magnetic separator, superconducting iron separator. Major breakthroughs have been achieved in superconducting technology and applied in industrial production. Adhering to the tenet of the head office, Xinli Superconducting Technology Co., Ltd focuses on being the leading superconducting magnetic technology service provider in the world.

With a powerful technical strength and its advanced specialized devices, Xinli Superconducting set up Magnetoelectric and Superconducting Magnetic Technology Innovative Strategic Alliance, Post-doctoral Research Center, Academician Research Station, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of High Energy (IHEP) Superconducting Magnetic Engineering Center and Superconducting Magnetic Technology Research Center in Chinese machinery industry. A academic board, composing of thirteen authorized experts home and aboard led by Ye Zhaohui and Yan Luguang, directs product innovation, industrialization and promotion.


A working staff does the regular machine check. [Photo/provided to]

Quality is life of product, and innovation is its driving force. To ensure the quality of products and raise customers' satisfaction, the company passes ISO 9001:2008 international quality and management certification system, comprehensively controls the whole process of the design, production and service of our products.

Xinli Superconducting's main products contain MRI, superconducting magnetic separator, superconducting iron separator and others. The main technologies of such products, belong to high environmental energy saving products, all reach the international level and fill the domestic blank. Among these products, 1.5T superconducting MRI magnet is listed in 2011 National New Key Products, No.: 2011TJC60050. It is also listed in the National Twelfth Five Year Technology Supporting Plan( Project: High-end Medical Instrument Innovation in Medical Imaging Areas. Project No.: 2011BA112B00. Topic No.: 2011BAF09B01). It undertakes the project of superconducting MRI. In 2011, the low temperature superconducting magnetic separator is itemed in the National Twelfth Five Year Technology Supporting Plan (Project: Key Equipment, Technology Innovation and Application Demonstration in Metallurgical Industry. Project No.: 2012BAF09B00. Topic No.: 2012BAF09B05). It undertakes innovation and research in key technologies of superconducting magnetic separator.

The launch of these products will provide technology support for the development of low carbon economy, green economy and circular economy, and for the building of resource-conserving society and environmentally friendly society, will make great contribution to China’s medical course, energy industry and environmental protection.