Nanhaizi provides more space for cultural activities

Updated: 2019-01-03

The Daxing district of Beijing has expanded space for cultural events. It renovated art galleries and exhibition halls in the Nanhaizi area, a major cultural center in suburban Beijing, to welcome more visitors, and also built five new cultural activity bases in the area -- a science park, an ecological civilization-themed educational park, an architectural design industrial base, a field culture park and an innovation and entrepreneurship park. Nanhaizi is now home to 25 culture-related spaces.

The Yideyuan field culture park, for example, has stone carvings, more than 1,000 relics and 100 old trees. The park’s square and gallery adopt unique designs. In the past, it was just a scenic spot. Now it will be an educational base for learning about natural science and a research platform for stone carving.