Beijing Wildlife Park

Updated: 2019-02-28

Beijing Wildlife Park, located in the 10,000-mu forest in Yufa county of Daxing district, is a large natural ecological park, equipped with integrated functions of animal preservation, wildlife training and breeding, and science education.

The park raises animals using approaches of free-ranging and mixed-raising. It has divided areas for free-ranging observation, walk-through observation, animal performance, science education, and kids’ zoo, along with 32 themed venues. Upholding the mission of “protecting animals and forests”, the park highlights an overall theme of natural preservation featuring the harmonized coexistence of “animals and human, animals and forests”, and sets to draw people closer to animals in an atmosphere of “human, animals, and forests”. By enhancing human contact with animals, the park has changed the conventional approach to have animals caged, and replaced it with a barrier-free observation style.

The park advocates “love” for “wildlife” with well-designed buildings, woods, and scenery. In the free-ranging area, wolves, cattle, lions, and baboons share a common habitat. With proper control on the number of animals, it seeks to achieve dynamic balances among the animals, which induces balanced confrontation and impressive visual impacts. In the walk-through area, visitors have close contacts with docile animals, such as deer, roes, and squirrels. In a forest-like environment, a first-hand experience is enabled to learn about animals and nature.



Open hours: 8:30-16:00

Tel: +86-10-89215159

Ticket: RMB 130 for adult;

RMB 90 for students (excluding continued education students and valid student IDs are required);

Free for children under 1.2 meters.

The ticket covers walk-through area, animal performance, caged car ride, train ride, self-driving area and train ride (self-driving guests should pay for train ticket separately)


Take Bus 943 (Yong Ding Men – Yu Quan Ying – Xi Hong Men – Huang Cun – Dong Hu Lin) (Beijing Wildlife Park stop)

Take Bus 828/849 (Yong Ding Men – Cao Qiao – Dong Hu Lin) (Beijing Wildlife Park stop)

(Or take express versions of Bus 943, 828 or 849 to Dong Hu Lin, which takes about 40 minutes from Caoqiao)

For subway-takers, take Subway Line 4 – Bus 937 – Bus 943/849/828 – Dong Hu Lin (Beijing Wildlife Park stop)