Yalugu Tropical Botanical Garden

Updated: 2019-02-28

Yalugu Tropical Botanical Garden is the largest tropical fruit plantation base operated in Beijing with the plantation of the most number of species. It is a priority project of city government. Started in October 2006, the garden covers a total area of 300 mu, with 64,300 m2 gutter-connected greenhouse and 50 greenhouses. Located 200 meters north of the Zhuzhuang North Road of No 104 National Highway, it’s the perfect choice for short-distance tours and transitioning stays. 

Since 2006, the garden has introduced over 40 varieties of tropical and sub-tropical fruits and nuts such as annona, guava, waxberry, carambola, pitaya, wax apple, wampee, loquat, papaya, mango, longan, banana, miracle fruit, cinnamon, breadfruit, avocado, macadamia nut, in order to make up for a lack of tropical fruit plantation in Beijing. In the meantime, over 40 organic vegetable varieties, including sweet lettuce, celery, parsley, pepper, broccoli, South Korean baby cabbage, Cantonese carrot, celery, and Chinese flowering cabbage have been widely planted in the garden. Efforts have also been made in the research of new varieties.

The garden provides integrated attraction for sight-seeing, entertainment, fruit and vegetable picking, accommodation and catering, and technology demonstration. Here you can witness exotic plants from tropical and sub-tropical areas without having to travel, and enjoy the fun of fruit and vegetable picking and tasting, enabled by modern agricultural technologies. It is also a good choice for science education to students of varied ages. It hosts a 20,000-m2 tropical plant exhibition hall, and Tusi Minority exhibition room and cultural center. In thick woods, there are winding vines and exotic flowers, just like a miniature tropical forest with creeks, fountains, plants, and animals. What’s more, it has attached cultural elements of a southwestern minority, Tusi, by adding local housing and totem to the park, all to ensure a fun and memorable trip. 



Address: 2,000 meters west of Village Committee of Zhouying Village, Changziying County, Daxing district

Tel: +86-10-80218180

Open hours: 8:30-17:30

Ticket: RMB 60, free for children under 1.2 meters

Directions: Take Bus 976, 826 or 926 when visiting from Beijing downtown; or take bus 940 and get off at Zhuzhuang Stop when visiting from Huangcun of Daxing district. Then walk for 200 meters to the destination.