Caiyu County

Updated: 2019-02-28

Caiyu County has a long history of viticulture. As of this year, the county has more than 20,000 mu of plantation, with an annual production capacity exceeding 2,100 kilograms. Known as the “Turpan of Southern Beijing”, Caiyu County has the largest viticulture base in the suburbs of the city. Located at north latitude 40°, it enjoys natural conditions similar to those of Bordeaux in France, home of the world’s best wine grapes. Like Turpan in China, Caiyu County produces good-quality grapes.

The county made an investment of RMB 1.5 million as early as 1997 on a grape production and technical center, which is now capable of producing 2.5 million seedlings. The center also takes care of over 20,000 mu of grape plants of its own, so as to maintain its strength in the technicalities of grape breeding and quality.

The Green Food Development Center of China granted Caiyu grapes the right to use the national green food trademark after close scrutiny of the soil, water and air quality of the production area over a three-year monitoring period.

Caiyu County has been following a development strategy prioritizing market-orientation, quality, and brand awareness. It attaches great importance to breeding improved varieties. While progress has been made on existing varieties of “Midknight Beauty” and “Kyoho”, the county has been proactively working to introduce over 100 wine or table grape varieties, such as “Ruby Seedless”, “Sémillon” and “Cabernet Sauvignon”.

With a “Jing Cai” trademark, commercial branding and refined packaging, the county is set to fully capitalize on its strengths and enhance its market share and product value-added level. Since the year 2001, Caiyu County has hosted four Beijing Daxing Grape Festivals featuring a variety of activities such as cultural events, sales, sight-seeing, and fruit picking. In 2004, over 350,000 visitors attended the festival, picked 10-million-tons of grapes and generated sales valued at over RMB 16 million.



Tel: +86-10-80273611

Address: Caiyu county, Daxing district, Beijing

Directions: Take Bus 926 at Yong Ding Men Stop, or Bus 20, 940 at Daxing Long-distance Bus Station, get off at Caiyu Lantian Huayuan Stop, and then walk north to the destination.

Open hours: 9:00-17:00

Ticket: Free of charge