Beijing Daxing No 8 Primary School

Updated: 2019-02-28


Beijing Daxing No 8 Primary School, founded in 1989, currently has 1,242 students in 30 classes and 94 in-service teachers. Among the 83 full-time teachers, there are three municipal backbone teachers, 10 district-level course leaders, and 12 district-level backbone teachers.

Over the years, the school has been based on the concept of "education quality as the basis, art education as the feature, and all-round development as the goal", always living up to quality teaching, giving full play to art education and taking advantage of its own resources. Thanks to generous support from leaders at higher levels and the joint efforts of all leaders and faculty along the way, the school has made gratifying achievements and formed its own operational characteristics. The school was named by the Daxing District Commission of Education as one of the first schools “running characteristically for comprehensive education". Since 2004, it has been successively named "Daxing District's Exemplary Primary School", "Beijing Etiquette Exemplary School", "Beijing Health Promotion School", "Beijing Safety Exemplary School", "Beijing Language Standardization Exemplary School", "Beijing Exemplary Unit of Red Scarf Reading Activity" by the municipal and district education administrative departments. It has also won numerous awards such as "the first prize of education and teaching quality" by the Daxing District Commission of Education, "Beijing Advanced Unit of Reform Experiment for Basic Curriculum and Teaching Material", "Beijing Advanced Group of Language Work", "Beijing Advanced School for School-Based Training", "Beijing Advanced Juvenile Military Academy", "Beijing Advanced Group of Education System Olympic Work", "Beijing Advanced Group of Municipal Lifelong Activities of Injury Investigation and Intervention", "Third and Fifth Advanced School of Mental Health Education in Primary and Secondary Schools of China", "Advanced School of Primary-school-based Teaching and Research in Daxing District", "Advanced School of Quality Education Fully in Line With Educational Policy in Daxing District", and "Excellent Experimental Primary School of Overall English Promotion Project in Daxing District", among others.

In terms of teaching staff, the school has been intensifying the training of teachers, and organizing them to conduct professional training inside and outside the school. As a result, teachers' expertise and overall quality have seen continuous improvement. Each year, over a dozen teachers do research classes and presentation classes in the district, and  teachers' learning and further education have been backed by the school to encourage their working innovation and to offer good conditions for their professional growth. Teachers' development promotes that of students', thus increasing the latter's participation and achievements in various competitions: just in 2012, the chorus team and school team won first prizes in Beijing, and the school was selected as the only primary school in the outer suburbs to participate in the Grand National Theatre performance. The school was part of CCTV's "Singing and Smiling" program and its students won the Beijing Outstanding Award in popular science English. Students' performance in the school’s marching band and folk music competitions won awards in Beijing.

At the moment, the school's work is moving forward with the idea of "education quality as the basis, art education as the feature, and all-round development as the goal" still in mind.

Address: No 11, Honglou West alley, Huangcun town, Daxing district