Beijing Daxing People’s Hospital

Updated: 2019-03-01

Founded in 1954, Daxing People's Hospital has grown into a comprehensive medical institution offering clinical care, teaching, scientific research and disease prevention services in Southern Beijing.

It is a Category-A hospital included in the medical insurance program, an educational base and postgraduate student training center of Capital Medical University in Daxing, and a training base on standardization for internal medicine, surgery, general and assistant general practitioners in the city.

Covering an area of more than 60,000 square meters, the hospital has a floorage of 118,300 sq m, 1,100 beds and 2,226 employees, including 251 with senior professional titles, 13 with doctorate degrees or above. There are three professors, seven associate professors, 12 lecturers and seven supervisors for master degree students.

It is home to 2,131 large medical instruments, such as 64-slice spiral CT, 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging, angiography device, DR imaging system, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, digital pathological section scanner and image analysis system.

There are 65 departments, including 21 functional ones, 36 clinic ones, and eight medical technology offices. Its obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, and oncology are district-level key specialties.

The hospital has cooperated with Beijing Tongren Hospital, Anzhen Hospital, Friendship Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Xuanwu Hospital to launch a medical consortium, enabling residents in Daxing to access the services of Grade-III Class-A hospitals.

As a regional medical center, the hospital set up a regional medical consortium with seven grass-root institutions including the health center of Anding town in Daxing to improve the services of the grass-root medical institutions with technical support.

It governs the health center of Linxiaolu sub-district and seven community health service centers, offering management of infectious diseases, psychiatry, chronic diseases, immunization, and community rehabilitation.

It is also an education and internship base of the Capital Medical University and a standardization training center for the assistant general practitioners, resident physicians and medical personnel of hospitals at all levels.

The hospital will abide by the motto-- “honesty, charity, mastery and ambition”, adhere to the spirit of ‘human-oriented, striving for academic achievement, and pursuing excellence’, as well as have the courage to make reform and innovations and realize more achievements.



Tel/Fax: 010-69208013

Address: No 26, Huangcun West avenue, Daxing