Beijing Daxing No 2 Primary School

Updated: 2019-03-01

Beijing Daxing No 2 Primary School, situated in the south of the city with a long history, gives full play to the capacities of each teacher and student. As a famous traditional school founded in 1960, Beijing Daxing No 2 Primary School has carried forward and put in practice an honored culture and tradition since its inception. It has fully integrated the excellent resources of Chinese traditional culture and school culture, thus giving birth to the unique "soul" of Daxing NO 2 Primary School, the root of education quality and the beauty of education creation.


The school currently has 2008 students and 180 staff. Among them, there are 15 senior teachers, 119 first-level teachers, 36 backbone teachers at municipal and district levels, and course leaders.

In recent years, based on the essence of educating, the school has followed the philosophy of "teaching skillfully for students' ability, gradually for their aspiration, and joyfully for their empathy". Guided by the socialist core values in education, the school will vigorously promote value education, target all students with further class-teaching reforms and broaden first-hand experience for students. Its goal is to build up well-acclaimed education through superior ideology, a good system, talents, sentiment, and input from society at large.


Led by the core value of "invaluable education appreciated by emotion", the school has been studying and creating 60 school-based curricula to meet students' interests and individual needs, including the general, arts, Sci & Tech, practice and others, thus enabling students to tap their own potential and take the initiative to develop it. The school successively held the national observing and demonstrating activity of the chapter-based Chinese language teaching method, Beijing school cultures' integration into Daxing No 2 Primary School, and Beijing civilized schools development activities and established a mathematics-led teaching mode and an English group mode of cooperative learning. Outstanding results have been obtained one after another through ceaseless hard work.

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