Beijing Renhe Hospital

Updated: 2019-03-01

Beijing Renhe Hospital is located at No 1, Xingfeng Avenue in Beijing's Daxing district. With a floorage of 87,000 square meters, it is a Grade-II Class-A comprehensive hospital committed to delivering clinical care, medical education and health care service in the district.

There are 1,750 employees, including 894 with a bachelor degree and 96 with doctoral or master's degree. There are 141 employees with senior professional titles and 364 with intermediate professional titles.

The hospital has 78 departments, including 43 clinics, eight medical technology departments, 26 functional departments and an optometry center. In 2017, it received 1.37 million outpatients, 60,800 inpatients, completed operations for 174,000 inpatients and more than 3,100 interventional surgeries.

By the end of 2017, it was home to 536 medical equipment worth more than 100,000 yuan ($15,000), including GE 3.0 T Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, 1.5T NMR,  16-row CT scanner, 16-row CT scanner, GE Digital Vascular Machine, Intravascular Ultrasound System, Electrophysiological Navigation System, Radio Frequency Ablation System, Digital Gastrointestinal Machine, DR, Orthopaedic C-arm, Laparoscopy, Cardiopulmonary Bypass Machine, Automatic Immunobiochemical Pipeline, Molecular Laboratory, Topcon OCT, Ultrasound Vitrectomy Machine, Argon Laser Therapy Instrument, Lumenis Solid Multi-wavelength Laser Therapeutic Machine, Biomerieux Automatic Microbiological Identification and Drug Sensitivity System, Holmium Laser, Prostate Electrotomy Microscope, Stryker High Definition Endoscopic Camera System, Pneumatic Ballistic Lithotripsy Machine, Biliary Endoscope, Intervertebral Endoscope, Ultrasound Endoscope, and Blood Recovery Machine.

The hospital specializes in general surgery and  obstetric and gynecological endoscopic surgery; electroresection of prostate, percutaneous renal pneumatic ballistic lithotripsy and holmium laser lithotripsy in treating urological diseases; heart repair and coronary artery bypass surgery in cardiothoracic surgery; arthroscopy and replacement in orthopaedics; phacoemulsification and vitrectomy in ophthalmology; interventional diagnosis and treatment of heart and cerebrovascular diseases; gastrointestinal endoscopy diagnosis and treatment techniques in digestive medicine and intravascular chemotherapy of tumors.


The new outpatient department of Beijing Renhe Hospital


A Cardiovascular Care Unit 


Postcode: 102600

Tel: +86-10-6924 2469

Address: No 1, Xingfeng Avenue, Daxing district, Beijing