The National Academy of Education Administration

Updated: 2019-03-01

The National Academy of Education Administration, directly under the Ministry of Education of the PRC, is the highest educational institution to train leading cadres of schools and local educational administrative departments at all levels across the country.


The academy was established in Beijing in January 1955, and initiated the training of education cadres in new China. In August 1960, the academy's work was suspended, but in August 1980, the school resumed and was renamed the Central Academy of Education Administration. In March 1991, it was renamed the National Academy of Higher Education Administration. In October 2002, it received its current name.

Since its inception, the academy has coached hundreds of thousands of education cadres at all levels and of all kinds, injecting unceasing vitality into the reform and development of the national education system. It is known as "the cradle of education management cadres" and affectionately called "the second alma mater" by teachers. At present, the academy is the site of two national academic organizations, the Higher Education Management Branch of the China Association of Higher Education and the Secretariat of Education Administration Committee of the Chinese Society of Education. It is also the national-level continuing education base for professional and technical personnel approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China.

At present, the academy has 35 full-time teachers and 66 part-time professors.The academy can accommodate 1,000 students who enjoy the elegantly serene environment as well as a complete set of facilities, including the Yifu building's lecture hall, a Headmaster building, expert apartments, libraries, and gymnasiums.

Address: No 8, Qingyuan North road, Daxing district