Daxing High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University

Updated: 2019-03-01

Daxing High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, founded on March 27, 2008, as the successor to Xingda Middle School established in 1976, was designated as "Daxing District's Exemplary Middle School" in 2004 by the Daxing District Commission of Education.


The school covers an area of 102 mu with a gross floor area of 47,873 sq m, which is divided into three sections of teaching activity area (Sci&Tech building, teaching building, office building, laboratory building, auditorium, lecture hall, farming culture park, etc.), accommodation area (including two student apartments and two student restaurants), and sports area (standard 400 meter sports ground, stands, basketball court, volleyball court, table tennis court, etc.). 

Educational needs can be met here thanks to a variety of first-class teaching facilities, including all classrooms being equipped with touch-screen multimedia facilities, high-end audio-visual classroom, electronic reading room, computer room, studio, class-recording room, astronomical observatory, planetarium, fine arts room, science laboratories, general technology rooms, labor and technology rooms, teachers and students reading rooms supplied with more than 76,000 volumes of books, over 200 pieces of newspapers and magazines, and other specialized classrooms.

The school has 40 classes, over 1,100 students, and 202 teaching staff, including 16 staff with master's degrees in education, 190 ones with and above bachelor's degrees, and a team of over 150 full-time teachers of 69 senior ones and 70 intermediate ones. What deserves further mentioning are following entitled teachers: two municipal backbone teachers, three excellent class teachers rewarded with the Forbidden Cup, 33 district-level course leaders, backbone teachers, and backbone class teachers in total, 36 school-level backbone teachers, and 22 province-level and city-level course leaders and backbone teachers.

The school gained its recognition along the way, with over 100 titles and prizes, including "Daxing District's Advanced School of Quality Education", "Daxing District's Management Characteristic School", "Daxing District's Education and Teaching First Prize", "Daxing District's Excellent School for College Entrance Examination " and etc. 

Official website: http://cnudxfz.dxschools.cn/index.php 

Address: No 4 Haidong road, Huangcun town, Daxing district