Beijing Fashion Sports Park

Updated: 2019-03-01

Beijing Fashion Sports Park, located at the junction of Nanzhongzhou road and Pang'an road, is endowed with geological and biological advantages thanks to a pretty broad green space provided by its nearby forest park of 2000 mu. As the first park focussing on extreme sports, the park will introduce the American Camp WOODWARD and learn the development trajectory of American camps so as to build up a first-class extreme sports camp with international standard, which is fit for national reality as well as brings about a brand-new lifestyle and culture for teenagers. 

The whole park consists of 4,000 sq m indoor venues, 4,000 sq m outdoor areas and 1,000 sq m movable equipment for extreme sports. This place incorporates the latest concept of international extreme-sports equipment as well as the world's top indoor and outdoor extreme sports facilities to evolve into a high-standard indoor and outdoor extreme sports training and experience center. The camp includes park skateboarding, U-pool skateboarding, mini BMX, BMX freestyle flat, small-wheel bicycle with mud tires, inline skating, motocross, women's gymnastics center, trampoline, and others. Besides, diversified needs of professional extreme athletes, extreme sports enthusiasts, and beginners are taken into full consideration as well.