Hetian Restaurant

Updated: 2019-03-01

Specialties: wild goose, wild boar, pheasant, wild duck, cicada, grasshopper, ox head feast, fish stewed in traditional caldron, and roasted pigeon. 

Address: Reach the Banbidian bus station in Dongli Road in Weishanzhuang town, then walk 150 meters westwards. It is on the south of the road.

Buses: Take No 844 bus (Nanlishi road-Lixian) and get off at Banbidian Bridge station, then walk 200 meters westwards.

Self-driving route: Drive to the South Central Axis exit of the Fifth Ring Road, go southwards to Cida Road, turn right and go 2,000 meters after turning right at the crossing near the building of town government.

Contact: Jia Kehui

Tel: +86-10-89233638

Open: 8:30-21:30