Surrounding business zone construction set to begin this year

By Cao Yingying | Updated: 2019-03-14

Construction of the Beijing Daxing International Airport Area is expected to begin in the capital this year, adding new play to the airport being built in Daxing district, local officials said.

With an investment estimated at more than 200 billion yuan ($29.79 billion), the zone will revolve around Beijing Daxing International Airport, scheduled to open in September, and capitalize on its role as a new international hub, they noted.

The new project is pending the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission. It is expected to announce its decision soon, Zhou Liyun, Party chief of Daxing district, told local media early this month.

According to the Action Plan to Promote the Development in South Beijing, released by the city government last September, the airport area is designed as an international communication center, a leading zone of national aviation science and technology and a demonstration zone of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development.


It is a part of a larger initiative, which has been given the green light by the State Council and involves the cooperation between Beijing and neighboring Hebei province to build a 150-square-kilometer airport economic zone.

Aimed at promoting Beijing-Hebei integrated development, the cross-regional zone is planned to include Yupai, Panggezhuang, Weishanzhuang, Anding and Caiyu townships as well as Huangcun village and the Yizhuang area in Beijing.

On the Hebei side, Langfang city, Yongqing and Gu'an counties and Guangyang new area will be included, according to the plan.

Beijing and Hebei commissioned the Civil Aviation University of China to map out an industrial plan for the economic zone, exploring coordinated growth of the industries.

Beijing New Aerotropolis, a company responsible for developing the Beijing airport area, said it began research into industrial environment and plans in 2014.

The 50-square-kilometer airport area in Beijing is expected to focus on the aviation industry, such as headquarters, integrated bonded zone services and logistics. It will also include related international business and high-end consumption sectors, such as research and development, conferences and exhibitions, cultural exchanges, premier medical and educational services, the officials said.

Daxing district has planned a 20 sq km initial phase area focusing on aviation logistics and service assurance as the first step, said Zhao Jianguo, deputy head of the Daxing airport office.

The main projects of Beijing Daxing International Airport will be completed by Jun 30.

Zhou said that to ensure the smooth operation of the new airport, Daxing will focus on 37 tasks this year, including the upgrade in main roads to the airport and accelerating the construction of supporting facilities.

Beijing New Aerotropolis performs the tasks of villagers' relocation, targeted housing, infrastructural projects and noise abatement.

Zhou said the relocation of 19 villages, which used to be located in a noise zone near the airport, has been completed and that the authorities have signed agreements with the villagers.

The district government will promote the planning and construction of service, conference and exhibition centers, attract airport-related industries and draw high-end medical care, international education and other major investment projects, he added.