Take a tour to Daxing Longtou village

Updated: 2019-08-02

In accordance with the "Special Plan for Implementing the Strategy of Promoting the Construction of Beautiful Rural Areas (2018-2020)", local authorities in Daxing district released on July 15 the first batch of pilot villages to be included in the list of key villages for the construction of beautiful villages in Beijing.

Longtou village of Lixian town is one of the sixteen villages selected for the pilot  program in Beijing. Others include Sangmafang village of Beizang town and Dongbeitai village of Changziying town in Daxing.

Longtou village is located in the north of Lixian town, and boasts beautiful scenery, a pleasant environment and abundant scenic spots. It is a relatively independent type of village, with the district-level highway at Beijing Central Axis called Cidalu Road passing through its eastern area.

The name “Longtou” originates from a legend. It is said that there was a sand hill north of the village, which was historically formed by the flooding and deposited silt of the Yongding River in Beijing. This sand hill was four or five meters high and covered more than ten mu (0.67 hectares) in the shape of a Chinese dragon.

Later, a temple was built in front of the sand hill. There were two springs in front of the temple, like two eyes of the dragon. The name “Longtou” or "head of the Chinese dragon" was adopted from the legend.

Longtou village has won many honorary titles such as the "the most beautiful village in Beijing" and "the model village of rural construction in Beijing".

微信图片_20190802164934.jpg Longtou village has a rustic charm. [Photo by Wang Jingjing]


Visitors can see and experience the traditional dwellings in Longtou village of Daxing district in Beijing. [Photo by Wang Jingjing]


Longtou village offers a wonderful destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city and enjoy a rural idyll. [Photo by Wang Jingjing]

Today's Longtou has undergone tremendous changes. It has established a public service center for people’s convenience, a village memorial hall and an old people's home.   

Before the renovation of its rural residential environment, the place for the public service center was a natural pit, where many villagers dumped sewage and garbage. 

"Now, new sewage pipelines have been laid in the village, and garbage is cleaned up daily," said Liu Zongyong, the village's principal.

Liu said that Longtou village has been rated as one of “the most beautiful villages in Beijing”.

Such gratifying changes as Longtou village’s are also taking place in the other 373 villages in Daxing District.

The villages are striving to overcome the crowded and the disordered and achieve the goal of "village in forest, road in green, house in garden, and person in landscape".

At present, 373 villages in Daxing have cleared 52,700 households of garbage weighing 15,260 tons, and demolished 23,000 illegal huts of 650,000 square meters. The rural residential environment of these villages in Daxing has been effectively improved.