Cultural activities themed under ‘Chinese Valentine's Day’ launched in Daxing

Updated: 2019-08-07

More than 80 cultural activities for Qixi, which is known as Chinese Valentine's Day, were held in Yufa town, Daxing district on August 7.

As one of the most romantic festivals in China, Qixi commemorates the legend of a mythological couple — Niulang the Cowherd and Zhinyu the Weaver Girl, who could only meet one day every year.

Various activities such as poems, dances, songs, drama, and recitation were held to depict the romances.

The cultural activities were performed in three chapters namely "To talk about Qixi folklore", "loyal Poem" and "happy family reunion". The three chapters of performance displayed the love from the ancient to the modern times.


Songs and dances are performed in the cultural activity. [Photo by Beijing Daily]

The dance "Book of Songs", the song "The Peacock Flies to Southeast", and the opera "Wang Baochuan" took the activities to their climax.

At the same time, Beijing folklore experts were invited to illustrate the cultural connotation and folklore knowledge of Qixi and to convey the essence of Chinese excellent traditional culture and festivals.

Especially, Yufa town, where Daxing International Airport is located, offered to take wedding photos for 70 couples of different ages free of charge, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.


A couple's wedding photo. [Photo by Beijing Daily]


A couple come to celebrate their "golden wedding (50th anniversary)". [Photo by Beijing Daily]

Among the 70 couples, nearly half of them were to celebrate their "golden wedding (50th anniversary)". Some couples from the medical, education, public security, fire fighting and other grassroots levels in Yufa also participated in the cultural activities.

"They have witnessed the construction of Daxing International Airport. In order to ensure the navigation, they often live separately. We want to send them a precious gift and pay tribute to their hard work in this special festival,” said an official in Yufa.