Daxing brings ‘sports + culture night’ concepts to Beijing

Updated: 2019-08-28


The Daojing Sports Center becomes very lively. [Photo by Wang Sujuan]


The nighttime event basketball enables working people to recreate. [Photo by Wang Sujuan]

In order to accelerate its nighttime consumption, Daxing district recently issued “Work Program on Further Prosperity of Nighttime Economy and Promotion of Consumption Growth”, with the aim of better meeting the quality, diversification and convenience demands of nighttime consumers.

A consumption brand called "Vigorous Daxing Nighttime” is expected to be established with a focus on the nighttime economics of international exchange, fashion, vitality, business, tourism and culture.

Daxing Sports Stadium stays open longer

When night falls, the Daojing Sports Center becomes very lively. More than a dozen nighttime events including trampoline, rock climbing, football, basketball, skiing, archery, dominos, and bowling have enabled both working people and students to find suitable ways to recreate.

"With respect to the consumers’ needs, the Daojing Sports Center will extend its business time to 23:00. Basketball and other sports will be scheduled at suitable times to attract night consumers,” said Dai Qian, head of the Daojing Sports Center. Dai said that the night turnover of the center now accounts for more than 70 percent of the whole day’s revenue.


The nighttime event football enables working people to recreate. [Photo by Wang Sujuan]

Hanneng Stadium, located in the new media base, is also popular at night. "The stadium will be open for badminton players until 11 p.m. in order to meet their needs," said Li Chao, a badminton lover.

Daxing will fully tap cultural and sports resources such as Hongkun Sports Center, Daojing Sports Center, Beijing Wildlife Park, and Starlight Film and Television Base, improve surrounding retail, catering, accommodation, transportation and other supporting facilities, and introduce professional teams to offer night sports events that enrich public enjoyment.

24-hour bookstore creates a new spot for night consumption in south Beijing

A glass door of a bookstore called “Night Book Club” completely blocks the noise outside. Under each bookshelf stand some readers. Many of them are students, engrossed in science fiction.

Readers can enjoy reading books free of charge at the book club, which never closes. Presently, nearly 15,000 books are available in the club. With the support of the Daxing District Library, it has access to up to 50 million books. Every week, the books in the store are replaced.

New Airport Economic Zone now landmark for night consumption in south Beijing

Daxing district will rely on the Beijing Daxing International Airport and Airport Economic Zone to build a high-quality international shopping town offering shopping, entertainment, office, hotels, conferences and sports and art exhibitions in order to develop innovative and brand-attractive night economic consumption. This business mode is expected to attract domestic and foreign consumers.

Such a number of projects as international shopping towns and business malls will help develop innovative and brand-attractive night economic consumption formats. Some 24-hour convenience stores, restaurants and pharmacies will also be introduced to improve the regional layout.

Daxing will guarantee services, ensure smooth project implementation at Dayue Chunfeng and create a new destination for nighttime consumption that integrates catering, leisure, entertainment and social, family and parent-child activities as well as other leisure and retail businesses.