Multiple means of transport connect to new Beijing Daxing airport

Updated: 2019-09-29

Multiple means of transportation are available to travelers to get quick and convenient access to the just-opened Beijing Daxing International Airport, senior officials said at a news conference in Beijing on September 24.

Travelers can take railways, shuttle buses or drive cars to the airport, according to Rong Jun, spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport.

"Travelers, departing from downtown, can take rail transit either at Caoqiao subway station in Fengtai district or Beijing West Railway Station reaching the airport.

"We recommend the line at Caoqiao subway station, where the train's top speed can reach 160 km per hour, taking only 19 minutes to arrive at the airport," he said. "Travelers can also check in their luggage at the station to make their trips much easier."

Lines bound for the airport from Beijing West Railway Station, he said, take 30 minutes to reach the airport.

Buses and taxis are also open to travelers. "Six lines for airport shuttle buses are put into use today, with five operating during daytime connecting the airport, Beijing Railway Station, Bejing South Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Tongzhou and Fangshan districts, and one running at night from the airport to Xuanwumen, Qianmen and Chongwenmen in downtown Beijing," Rong said.

According to Rong, quality transport facilities - for example, parking lots - are fully prepared for travelers.

"A parking garage with 4,200 parking slots is available at the airport. Another 4,800 parking spaces at terminal yard are also open to travelers," he said. "We are ready to offer quality services to travelers by securing them a good traveling experience."