Exhibition illustrates 70 years of achievements portraying life in Daxing District

Updated: 2019-10-08


The exhibition opened in Daxing District, Beijing, on September 30. [Photo by Wang Sujuan]

An exhibition entitled "New National Gate, New Daxing and New Journey" opened in Daxing District, Beijing, on September 30 to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

The exhibition that displays hundreds of photos and artworks will run until the end of October, and it is the first time the district has systematically exhibited its history since the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) . It symbolizes national unity and especially hails Daxing's achievements over the decades.

Through the exhibition, audiences can see the changes that Daxing has undergone in urban and rural construction, economic development, environmental protection, culture and improvement of quality of life. The exhibition is open to the public free of charge, and it aims to help Daxing residents better understand the history of their hometown.

Six sections tell the story of Daxing's prosperity

This exhibition consists of six sections – ‘prologue’, ‘the glorious years’, ‘setting sail’, ‘rapid development’, ‘the answer to the times’ and ‘the pursuit of dreams’.

It showcases the evolution of Daxing from an agricultural county to the new gate of the capital, focusing on the reform of rural areas, industrial transformation and upgrading, urban and rural infrastructure, and the improvement of people's livelihood.

With hard work and efforts, Daxing district has continued to change with new development, transforming from an area crowded and plagued with sandy winds to a lush garden paradise, from a farming community to a home to high-tech enterprises, from river ferry to a new airport terminal.

The exhibition also displays the history and development of the Milu deer, which used to be extinct in the area, but now live in the district’s Nanhaizi Milu Park.

Ten scenes that restore memories of Daxing


The exquisite model of the Daxing international airport's placement and service facilities. [Photo by Wang Sujuan]

In addition, the exhibition has built ten "special sites" to increase interaction and participation to enable visitors to have a better experience. They included the scenery of the Nanhaizi area, the display of old photos, the reconstruction of the scene of the first Daxing Watermelon Festival, and the exquisite model of the Daxing international airport's placement and service facilities.

Daxing stories told by local residents


The photo at the exhibition showcases the real life of local people. [Photo by Wang Sujuan]

In order to showcase the real life of local people, the exhibition collected more than 3,000 photos and over 20 items from people of all walks of life in the district, among which 280 photos were selected to display at the exhibition.

From the perspective of the local people, visitors can observe the development and changes that have taken place over the past 70 years in Daxing. In addition to photos, the exhibition also played 10 mini-documentaries telling the wonderful stories of Daxing residents.

Online and offline exhibition illustrate Daxing's achievements

To increase interaction with audiences, the exhibition has launched a special online question and answer activity for the exhibition. Visitors can scan the code to participate and answer questions while visiting at the exhibition.

After the exhibition, the online exhibition will be available, allowing audience to look through all the exhibition contents online and watch the micro documentaries of "the story of Daxing" to further feel the district’s great leap forward development.