Daxing holds torch carnival to boost night economy

Updated: 2019-10-09

The 2019 First Beijing Yalugu Tropical Botanic Garden Torch Carnival was held on October 2, in Yalugu, Changziying town, Daxing district, combining the torch culture with night economy.

Visitors experienced the ethnic customs of lighting, music and bonfires. The artistic performances and the long-table banquets enabled tourists to experience the original culture of ethnic groups.


The opening ceremony of the 2019 First Beijing Yalugu Tropical Botanic Garden Torchlight Carnival. [Photo by Wang Jingjing]

The carnival allowed people who had to go to Southwest China’s Yunnan province to experience the authentic ethnic customs in the southwestern area of China to experience the ethnic group culture in Daxing district. Held at the district’s Yalugu Tropical Botanic Garden, the event will last until October 17.

In addition to the wetland park, the garden has also offered distinctive Southwest China local customs experience, ethnic dance-and-song performances, a float parade and other entertainments to diversify visitors' experiences.


Worship the god of fire. [Photo by Wang Jingjing]

The torch carnival is part of the “Beijing Night” program, which is a joint effort by the Beijing government and a Daxing local company to present the charm of the ethnic local customs in the southwestern area of China.

As the torch carries the meaning of love and passion, visitors get together to offer sacrifices to the God of fire and share joy during the event.

The torch festival is a traditional festival among Yi and Bai minority groups in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces and is observed towards the end of the sixth month of the lunar calendar.

The Yalugu Tropical Botanical Garden is the largest tropical fruit plantation base in Beijing and has the greatest number of species. Starting operation in October 2006, the garden covers a total area of 20 hectares with 64,300 square meters of gutter-connected greenhouses and 50 distinct greenhouses. Located 200 meters north of Zhuzhuang North Road of No 104 National Highway, it’s the perfect choice for short-distance tours and transitioning stays.


The ethnic performances at the Torchlight Festival. [Photo by Wang Jingjing]

Since 2006, the garden has introduced over 40 varieties of tropical and sub-tropical fruits and nuts such as annona, guava, waxberry, carambola, pitaya, wax apple, wampee, loquat, papaya, mango, longan, banana, miracle fruit, cinnamon, breadfruit, avocado, and macadamia in order to make up for the shortage of tropical fruit plantation in Beijing. In the meantime, over 40 organic vegetable varieties, including sweet lettuce, celery, parsley, pepper, broccoli, South Korean baby cabbage, Cantonese carrot, celery, and Chinese flowering cabbage have been widely planted in the garden.

Date: October 2 to 17, 2019 (no reservations on weekends) (for reference only)

Address: 200 meters north Zhuzhuang North, 104 National Road, Changziying Town, Daxing District, Beijing

Transportation: Self-driving


Route 1: the 3rd Ring-Beijing-Shanghai Highway G2-Caiyu Exit-104 National Road-Zhuzhuang North

Route 2: Daxing Roundabout-the 6th Ring-South Dahongmen-104 National Road-Zhuzhuang North

Route 3: the 3rd Ring-Majuqiao-Mazhu Road-Zhuzhuang North

Bus Lines:

Take Bus No. 926 or 826 at Yongdingmen Station and get off at Zhuzhuang (Bus No. 926 is recommended.)

Take Beijing Subway Line 4 (Daxing Line) and get off at Zaoyuan Station -Take Bus No. 940 and get off at Zhuzhuang Station

Take Beijing Yizhuang Subway Line and get off at Jiugong Station -Take Bus No. 826 and get off at Zhuzhuang Station