China makes large-scale airspace adjustment

Updated: 2019-10-12


An Air China plane takes off from Beijing Daxing International Airport on Sept 25, 2019. [Photo by Zou Hong/]

China made the most significant airspace adjustment in its history of civil aviation at 2 am on October 10, People's Daily reported.

More than 200 air routes and over 4,000 flight routes were adjusted, forming a new airspace operation network in China, according to the report.

This adjustment came shortly after Beijing Daxing International Airport opened Sept 25.

The adjustment covers a wide range of areas, extending from the China-Mongolia border in the north to the controlled area in Guilin in the south, and from the west of Inner Mongolia autonomous region in the west to the controlled area in Dalian in the east.

About 4,700 kilometers of airline mileage were added after the adjustment of over 200 air routes.

The changes of more than 4,000 flight routes are expected to involve some 5,300 flights.

Over 100 new waypoints were established and 29 air carrier airports have made corresponding adjustments in flight procedures.