Daxing Greenland Binfen City now open

Updated: 2020-05-10


A view of Daxing Greenland Binfen City shopping center [Photo by Wang Zhen  in Daxing district, Beijing]

Daxing Greenland Binfen City reopened on May 9 after being shut down for almost 60 days as part of the containment of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Greenland Binfen City is the largest urban complex project in the north part of Daxing new city in Beijing’s Daxing district.


All entrances have a special person for temperature monitoring and disinfection. [Photo by Wang Zhen  in Daxing district, Beijing]

It was cleaned and disinfected before reopening, and all staff receive temperature checks before entry.

In addition, the shopping center in Greenland Binfen City has implemented new safety measures in canteens and implemented strict cleaning services to ensure food safety.

Greenland Binfen City has now launched an online shopping software called "G-carving gourmet". More than 30 famous brands and online delicious foods can be found at "G-carving gourmet. People can enjoy both on site dining or online-ordered takeout.

On May 9, Greenland Binfen City announced a donation of one million yuan ($141,253) in support of China's fight against COVID-19.

The donation was mainly used to provide meal subsidies for people who visit and make purchases in the shopping center.

Greenland Binfen City has opened all entrances except the special exit at night. Each entrance is equipped with a staffer who handles temperature monitoring and disinfection. At the same time, there are washing disinfectant stations everywhere in the mall.

The mall pays great attention to disinfection and cleaning of public areas and key locations, and carries it out four times a day. Some key areas such as elevators are disinfected even more frequently.

With the concept of quality life, Daxing Greenland Binfen City has formed a full matrix module of supermarket, parent-child education, aesthetic art and life service support, focusing on the comprehensive characteristics of residents' daily life and spiritual needs.


Disinfection and cleaning of public areas and key locations in Daxing Greenland Binfen City shopping center is done at least four times per day. [Photo by Wang Zhen  in Daxing district, Beijing]