Growing green coverage to benefit more people in Daxing

Updated: 2020-05-28


A design sketch of the Langfa Urban Forest Park in Beijing’s Daxing district [Photo/Beijing Daily]

The Langfa Urban Forest Park in Huangcun town in Beijing’s Daxing district is expected to be a popular suburban destination for walks.

The park has begun to show the beauty of its more than 5,000 mu (3.33 million sq m) of forest and more than 300 mu of water.

“I’ve heard there are tracks and a football field inside. I’m ready to go to such a good place right on my doorstep,” said a local resident surnamed Ma.

Another construction, Xihongmen Park, is set to satisfy the locals' needs for leisure and recreation as it’s surrounded by dense residential areas and commercial areas.

Both parks have reserved living space for insects, birds and other species of animals. They are also provided with sports facilities in accordance with the prescribed standards.

Wufutang Park, located in Jiugong town named after an ancient palace in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), was built as a carrier of southern Beijing’s cultural heritage.

In terms of nature, it’s also a perfect oxygen bar suitable for relaxation.

To date, there are 37 registered parks in the district, with 41,100 mu (27.4 million sq m) of public green area in total and 14.51 sq m per capita. A park can be reached in ten minutes from anywhere in the district.

“Our ultimate goal is to benefit more people, helping them access the parks’ ecological and economic resources,” said a worker from the district’s gardening and greening authority.

The district, now the capital’s new portal for international exchanges, has built 16 parks during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20) to further improve its environment, with its green area increasing more than 1,000 hectares.