E-certificate service to further improve business environment in Daxing

Updated: 2020-05-28


A client experiences the "blockchain plus e-certificate" service with the help of a government official in Daxing. [Photo by Wangzhen in Daxing district, Beijing]


Daxing unveils dozens of comprehensive service windows at the local government service hall. [Photo by Wangzhen in Daxing district, Beijing]

Daxing district in Beijing recently put a smarter electronic certificate service in use to enhance the local trading environment and provide convenience for the self-employed and enterprises.

The blockchain technology empowers the application of seven types of electronic certificates from ID cards and driving and business licenses to 115 district-level items concerning transportation, medical and health, cultural tourism, qualification recognition and other daily activity areas.

The mode of blockchain technology plus e-certificates, eligible for stored tamper-proof information and real-time remote inquiry, helps the recipients to save time and ensures information safety.

A local surnamed Wang tried the new method to withdraw her public health permit. She searched Alipay for a "Beijingtong" applet and selected the electronic license function, and then made it after facial recognition and signature confirmation.

"It is very easy and fast to use electronic licenses, as anyone with a mobile phone can figure it all out," Wang said.

Daxing will build up a sound technology-driven government service model to further improve work efficiency and to better satisfy people's needs with an eye on high-frequency items of concern to individuals and companies.