Creative industry injects new vitality into Milu deer culture

Updated: 2020-11-20

A Milu deer-oriented cultural and creative conference was held in Beijing's Daxing district on Nov 20.

The meeting found a balance between inheritance and innovation through intellectual property construction to ensure that China's traditional elk culture can inspire content creation.


Guests jointly launch the Milu deer-themed cultural and creative conference in Beijing's Daxing district on Nov 20. [Photo provided by Daxing district]

A set of wooden models of different deer species appeared at the venue. The products scientifically presented the biological features of elk, reindeer, sika deer and giant horned deer.

A mortise and tenon structure was adopted to connect the models' various parts, demonstrating the organic combination of traditional Chinese culture with popular science education.

During the event, the Beijing Milu Ecological Experiment Center and the Beijing International Science and Technology Service Center signed a contract for the crowdfunding marketing plan for cultural and creative products.

Members of the alliance discussed the development plan of the district's cultural and creative industry. Daxing will use financial and technical resources from governments, universities, customers and media to narrow the distance between the public and Milu culture and promote the diversified and coordinated development of local industries.