Nanhaizi forum pushes the promotion of Daxing culture

Updated: 2020-12-29

This year's Beijing Nanhaizi Cultural Forum opened in Beijing's Daxing district on Dec 26, highlighting China's ancient royal architecture.

The Nanhaizi area in Daxing was once a royal hunting ground and historical entertainment spot. Today, it is regarded as a top location to boost local culture.


Experts exchange ideas about the best way to promote Daxing district's local culture during the forum on Dec 26. [Photo provided by Daxing district]

A hand-painted map featuring cultural elements from Daxing was released during the event, with 23 cultural parks, 15 tourist attractions, and 45 key museums highlighted.

The district also appointed 25 experts and scholars from well-known universities and think tanks to join an advisory committee.

Exhibitions of the Nanhaizi palace and the area's famed Milu deer opened on the same day. Visitors can also enjoy miniature three-dimensional architectural sculptures, various cultural and creative products and more resources online by visiting the Nanhaizi digital museum.

Among the displayed materials, a painting anthology that contains more than 200 art pieces from Nanyuan palace grabbed much attention. This volume was published in September and is of great value for studying garden architecture in the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912).

In the future, the district will further deepen academic research and innovate dissemination carriers to enrich and stimulate the vitality of Nanhaizi's cultural heritage in the new era.