New technologies, new products and new services to fight the epidemic

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: Mar 25, 2020 L M S

At an online press conference held by the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee on March 25, Chen Wenqi, inspector of the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee, introduced the application and promotion of new technologies and new products in epidemic prevention and control. 

In application scenarios such as subways and commercial supermarkets, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee organized 25 key enterprises in areas such as AI temperature measurement and wearable temperature measurement equipment to formulate 42 customized technical solutions. 

According to reports, new-type intelligent temperature measurement devices developed by companies such as Baidu and MEGVII have been applied in airports, stations and other crowded places. 

In application scenarios like hospitals, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee has provided a list of 79 technical products from 54 companies meeting 93 demands in security, protective equipment, ward monitoring, nosocomial disinfection and materials delivery. 

In other application scenarios such as airports and ports, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee provided a list of nine products from eight  companies including infrared temperature measuring equipment, disinfectant, N95 medical protective masks, and rapid detection reagents, all of which answer demands for protective supplies and inspection and testing equipment. 

In cooperation with parks outside Beijing, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee recommended 275 of the technical products of 172 companies. Meanwhile, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee coordinated with those parks on the production and supply of protective equipment and small-flux temperature measurement equipment. 

Chen Wenqi introduced that since the beginning of February, the Zhongguancun Management Committee has collected 1,932 new technologies, new products and new services from 846 enterprises in key areas such as temperature detection and screening, disinfection and purification, epidemic prevention robots, hazardous waste treatment, and collaborative offices. 

Three hundred and seventy-one products and services from 251 companies have been displayed through the Zhongguancun New Media Platform for Government Affairs and the Zhongguancun New Technology, New Product and New Service Online Display as well as its Promotion and Supply and Demand Docking Platform. 

Currently, cooperation intention has been reached on more than 120 technical products from nearly 90 companies. 

At the same time, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee sorted out 18 medical device companies based on demands for large-scale diagnostic equipment, ventilators, sputum removal equipment and other devices. 

39 products from these enterprises have been applied in epidemic prevention and control, of which 33 have obtained EU CE certification, and 30 have been promoted and sold in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. According to preliminary statistics, total international orders have exceeded 2000 sets. 

These new technologies and new products have been promoted overseas through the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council, and enterprises that have established distribution channels abroad. 

It is understood that Zhongguancun has carried out online roadshows of high-value epidemic prevention and control-related patent transformation projects and accelerated the transformation of 15 high-value patents from the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions. Besides, Zhongguancun has held nine scientific and technological achievement transformation activities, which promoted 47 research achievement transformation projects. 

Based on the Zhongguancun New Technology, New Product and New Service Online Display and Promotion and Supply and Demand Docking Platform, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission launched online ordering of non-contact infrared temperature measurement products. At present, intentions to order have been reached for 1,431 sets. 

In the next step, the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee will continue to collect and promote new technologies, new products and new services related to epidemic prevention and control as well as resumption of production, promoting the healthy development of Zhongguancun enterprises.