The CAST releases major scientific, engineering problems

Updated: June 29 ,2022

On June 27, at the closing ceremony of the 24th Annual Meeting of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the CAST released 10 frontier problems that have a guiding role in scientific development, 10 engineering technological problems that have a key role in engineering technology innovation and 10 industrial technological problems that play a leading role in industrial development. These problems were released by You Zheng, vice-president of the CAST, president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) . At the event plaques of “Excellent recommendation unit” to the Chinese Chemical Society, the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences and 28 societies for the problems they recommended in 2022.

  • 10 Frontier Scientific Problems

How to diagnose early-stage Alzheimer’s disease with no symptoms?

How to realize reliable and explicable AI technology routes and solutions?

How to realize atomic-scale precision fabrication and structural regulation to construct future information functional devices?

What are the problems and challenges faced by the new pollutant control?

How to achieve automatic, intelligent and accurate chemical synthesis?

How to integrate multiple omics to study complex biological traits?

Whether atomic scale controllable removal of material surface can be realized?

How to precisely evaluate the comprehensive urban transportation system and infrastructure resilience?

How do black holes form and evolve in the universe?

What are the key scientific issues restricting uranium extraction from seawater? 

  • 10 Engineering Technological Problems

How to break through the key technology of China's far-reaching marine aquaculture facilities?

How to realize the low-cost geological storage of three wastes (solid, liquid and gas) of China's coal mines and the coordinated development of the ecological environment?

How to build the comprehensive treatment system for cardiogenic shock?

How to achieve the engineering application of all-solid lithium metal battery?

How to achieve the high precision complex hard surface following circuit?

How to break through the technical problems of safe construction and performance maintenance of ultra-long deep buried tunnels in extremely complex plateau geology?

How to solve the problem of modeling and characterization of thermal/mechanical/chemical coupling across high temperature media?

How to extract helium from low-grade helium gas?

How to use remote sensing technology to effectively diagnose, identify and assess the health of the earth?

How to realize the unfolding, assembly and construction of extremely large aperture spaceborne antenna in orbit?

  • 10 Industrial Problems

How to establish a clinical translational therapy system for cell and gene therapy?

How to realize the engineering and industrialization of memory and computation integrated chip?

How to achieve the low-carbon development of thermal power industry under the background of carbon neutrality?

How to systematically solve the problems of building industrialization and high energy consumption by standardized design, automatic production and robot construction?

How to develop self-reliant and controllable industrial design software?

How to use multi-source data to accurately forecast crop diseases and insect pests?

How to efficiently and safely synthesize adiponitrile from non-petroleum raw materials?

Why are there rot outbreaks in major wheat-producing areas in China in recent years and how to scientifically prevent and control it?

How to manufacture the large variable speed pumped storage unit?

How to break through the containment technology of the localization of para aramid fiber that can meet the needs of high-end application field?

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