How science popularization has grown in scope, depth and speed

Source:The Chinese Society for Science and Technology Journalism
Updated: July 06 ,2022

With the Tianwen-1 Mars rover, the first sun observation satellite Xihe, the Shenzhou spacecrafts and the space station core module Tianhe, China has stepped into a new era.

The arrival of this era also heralds a golden period for China’s science popularization. So far, there have been a number of “firsts” in China’s technological and scientific fields. Correspondingly, science popularization has grown in scope, depth and speed. However, China’s science popularization still faces problems of imbalance and insufficiency, and the incentive mechanism that motivates experts and scientific researchers to participate in science popularization has not taken shape. Concerns about the new trend and problems faced by sci-tech communication workers put forward the new ideas of sci-tech communication in the internet era.

Science popularization focuses on basic science and cutting-edge technology, comprehensively displaying original and significant achievements. Facing economic field, the communication of science popularization strengthens new drivers of development. Facing major national needs, the communication of science popularization stresses on providing key solutions. Facing people’s life and health, the communication of science popularization takes people’s health and happiness as its key guides. Sci-tech innovation and science popularization are two ways to fulfill innovation and development. Science popularization in the new era should target at the cutting-edge technologies around the world and meet people's yearning for a better quality of life.

For China, to be a world leader in science and technology not only needs a batch of outstanding scientists but also many communicators who “think like scientists”. It is the common wish of all mankind to enhance the scientific quality of the public and realize the sustainable development of human beings. High-level sci-tech communicators should play a leading role to enable science and innovation to be applied in more places. Science and technology journalists should also be self-reliant.

In the internet era, sci-tech communication should be enriched by vivid content and the efficiency of science popularization should be improved by more authoritative information. The social value of science popularization should promote the continuous improvement of the scientific quality of the whole people. In the era of information explosion, individual cognition is limited. Only by recognizing the universality and diversity of science popularization objects, can science popularization form a new mode with characteristics and effects. Shaping the concept of technology for good, forming a quality environment for national innovation and development and highlighting the knowledge value of science popularization. These are new advantages science popularization can rely on.

The communication of science popularization is full of creativity. To promote the spirit of scientists makes more people love science. To let the communication of science popularization in the new era have stronger spreading power, guiding power and influence, it can make the whole society have more energies to innovate.

The Chinese Society for Science and Technology Journalism, as an important organization for national communication of science popularization, records, explores and solves scientific issues of common concern to mankind. It builds good ecological environment for sci-tech innovation, promotes innovation and development and makes scientific ideas widely spread in society.

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