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Shapotou scenic zone, 16 kilometers west of Zhongwei county in the northwestern Ningxia Hui autonomous region, has become a must-see for tourists who visit Ningxia. Wang Wei, one of the most well-known Chinese poets of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), recorded the beauty of Shapotou in a poem in which he talked about how "in the vast desert rises straight, lonely smoke, the grand, long river reflects the round setting sun".

Shapotou means "the end of a desert" in Chinese. In fact, Shapotou lies at the junction where the Yellow River meets the Tengger Desert, allowing visitors to enjoy both splendid desert scenery and beautiful riverside views.

The park has a plenty of activities on offer, including drifting on the Yellow River and sliding from the top of a sand dune on a sand board.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Ideal Sightseeing Season: May to early October

Opening Hours: 8:00 -- 18:00 during the peak season (April 1 to Oct 31)

9:00 -- 17:00 during the low season (Nov 1 to March 31)

Ticket Price: 80 yuan ($11.7)

Free Tickets:

① Children below 6 years old or below 1.2 meters;

② Disabled persons, active servicemen, retired army officers and those aged 60 or above with a valid certificate.

Half Price: 

① Minors between the ages of 7 and 18;

② Full-time university bachelor or junior degree students with a registered student ID card.

Address: Shapotou scenic zone, Zhongwei city, Ningxia Hui autonomous region


1. Drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturized as the air is dry on-site.

2. Protect yourself from sunburn.

3. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sand.

4. Visitors can enjoy half-price tickets from Dec 2 to 12 (only adults).

5. Travel insurance is optional.

6. Zhongwei residents can enjoy discounted tickets with a valid ID.


Self-driving in Shapotou

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