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Fun adventures in Ningxia: starry night in the desert

1. Desert, camels and bonfires 

In Ningxia, you can enjoy stargazing all year round, thanks to its favorable conditions. The region's clean air, ideal altitude, and diverse landscapes make it a perfect destination for astronomers and stargazers. The nickname homeland of stars reflects the abundance of opportunities to explore the night sky in Ningxia.

If you're interested in outdoor adventures, you can visit the Tengger Desert, where you can hike, ride camels, or explore the desert by off-road vehicle. The clean and well-layered sand in Tengger offers a unique and untouched desert experience. You can set up camp, gather around a bonfire, and enjoy the tranquility of the desert while stargazing. With the clear skies of Ningxia, you can easily see the brilliant starry sky, even without a telescope.

星星故乡露营地 (2).jpg

Tourists camp in the desert.

2. Stargazing and camping

The top ten recommended stargazing spots in Ningxia are Helan Mountain National Forest Park, Liupan Mountain Red Army Long March Scenic Area, Tengger Golden Sand Sea Tourist Resort, Yanchi Haba Lake Ecotourism Area, Moshigoukou in Minning town, Huoshizhai in Xiji, the Yellow River South Bank Homestays, the Shapotou Star Hotel, the Helan Starlight Ali Farm, and the Zhihuiyuan Winery.

Longde county at the foot of the Liupan Mountain is located in the middle of Xi'an, Yinchuan, and Lanzhou, with only three to four hundred kilometers separating it from these three cities. The cold air from Siberia and the warm and humid air from the north converge here, resulting in abundant rainfall and lush vegetation. The air is rich in negative oxygen ions, with humidity around 50% and cool temperatures. Visitors from other places often praise Longde for its cool and non-humid climate during the summer. Longde county fully utilizes its cool climate resources and has developed summer tourism. It has built summer villages and RV camps in Qingliang Mountain, Sanshan Park, Guliu Park, Xinhe village, and Qianzhuang, attracting many tourists to spend their summer by RV.

星空培训讲师 (2).png

People gaze at the stars in the wilderness.

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