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Fun adventures in Ningxia: flying beyond the limit

In recent years, Ningxia has developed various high-altitude adventure activities such as skydiving, hot air ballooning, and aerial zip-lining. These activities have attracted many young people who enjoy challenging themselves.

1. Skydiving

Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia, has a stable atmospheric environment and good air permeability, making it an ideal place for skydiving. The Pan-Pacific Skydiving Club, located at Yinchuan's Universal Aviation Airport in Crescent Bay, is a recommended skydiving spot.

2. Hot air ballooning

In recent years, hot air ballooning has become a popular outdoor activity in Ningxia, attracting people of all ages. It offers a unique experience to explore the western charm of this region. Currently, you can enjoy hot air ballooning in places like Shahu Lake and Shuidonggou, which are open to the public.

3. Yellow River Cableway

When visiting Shapotou, you can enjoy the unique scenery of the merging of the desert and the Yellow River. There are also various recreational activities for you to fully experience the desert and the river. One of the most exciting activities is the Yellow River Cableway, which is a safe and thrilling adventure. There are weight requirements for flying over the Yellow River, and the age limit is 55 years. The total length of the cableway is about 800 meters, and it takes about five to six minutes to fly to the other side. During the flight, you can experience the feeling of flying across the Yellow River as you take in the distinct whistling sound of high-speed friction between the steel cable and the hook.

4. Glass bridge

In Ningxia, there are two popular glass bridges attracting tourists. The Yellow River Glass Bridge offers thrilling views of the river below. With a unique design and 3D glass floor, it's an exciting experience. The glass bridge in Huoshizhai is located on mountain peaks, providing beautiful scenery and a magical feeling, especially on misty days.

5. Cableway and canyon suspension bridge

Suyukou National Forest Park is located in the Helan Mountains National Nature Reserve, about 50 kilometers northwest of Yinchuan. Covering 9,300 hectares, the park boasts a vegetation coverage rate of 70% and is home to over 800 species of wild animals and plants. The Suyukou Cableway is open-air, and provides stunning views along the journey up the mountain. It is altogether a magnificent vantage point to enjoy the scenery of the Helan Mountains.

Another one of the main attractions of the park is the canyon suspension bridge. Stretching 248 meters in length and over 100 meters high, it is a cable-stayed bridge with a wooden deck that can accommodate up to 1,000 people. It offers visitors a thrilling and breathtaking experience.

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