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Recommended boutique routes in Yinchuan

One-Day Tours

· Route 1: Helan Mountains Grape Wine Health Holiday One-Day Tour

Helan Mountains National Forest Park - Wuyuan Village in Xixia district - Zhihuiyuanshi Winery - Ningxia Changyu Longyu Winery - Manpu Town

Themes: Winery tour+ ecotourism + hot spring and health + wine shopping + food

Feature: This route takes advantage of the superior natural environment at the eastern foot of Helan Mountains. It links wineries with ecotourism scenic spots, and integrates wine resources into ecotourism. Visitors can taste red wine, soak in hot springs, visit night markets, and enjoy delicious food.


Ningxia goji

· Route 2: Ecological Leisure and Sightseeing One-Day Tour

Senmiao Ecological Park - Yinchuan Cultural and Art Exhibition Center - Yuehai National Wetland Park - Ningxia Bairuiyuan Goji Museum - Yuecai City Sightseeing Night Market

Themes: Ecological sightseeing + artistic tour + leisure night market

Feature: Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city at sunrise, embrace nature and nurture your emotions. Visit the Cultural and Art Exhibition Center to experience the visual impact brought by the collision of technology and art. After nightfall, feel the fireworks and human touch of Yinchuan at the sightseeing night market, indulge in the vibrant atmosphere of the night market, and experience the local flavors and culture of Yinchuan after sunset.

· Route 3: Internet Popular Spots One-Day Tour

Yinchuan Flower Expo Garden - Lanshan Park - Yuehai Bay Central Business District Water Park - Huaiyuan Night Market

Themes: Roman-style architectural complex + greenery exhibition + creative water show + popular night market

Feature: Watch the beautiful sunset with your loved one at Lanshan Park. Enjoy a spectacular and themed water show at Yuehai Bay Water Park in the evening. Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Huaiyuan Night Market, a popular spot for locals in Yinchuan, where you can take your time and savor the wonderful food while exploring.


Huangsha Gudu Ecotourism Area

· Route 4: Desert Scenery One-Day Tour

Huangsha Gudu Ecotourism Area + Ningxia Lavender Manor + Jingde Street Night Market

Themes: Desert surfing + sand sliding + zip line + desert camel + sheepskin raft + unique desert plants

Feature: Here, the combination of yellow sand and oasis greenery, beacon towers and the ancient Great Wall, Yellow River and ferries, banks and grasslands, markets and tourists, creates a unique, picturesque, “poetic and untouched” scenery in Yinchuan. You can fully experience this atmosphere first-hand. And when you need a break from all the excitement, you can visit the lavender manor next door and indulge in a purple paradise while savoring delicious home-cooked meals.

Two-Day Tours

· Route 1: Mysterious Culture and History Exploration Tour

Day One: Zhenbeipu Western Film Studio - Xinniu Manor - Ningxia Museum - Yuecai City Night Market

Day Two: Western Xia Imperial Tombs Archaeological Site Park - Western Xia Custom Park - Shanshang Renjia - Zhihuiyuanshi Winery - Helan Mountain Rock Paintings

Themes: Western Xia Imperial Tombs Archaeological Site + Western Xia custom + granite erosion landform + "Sun God" rock paintings + “A Chinese Odyssey”+ popular night market

Highlights: Dialogues with ancient civilizations, cultivating cultural literacy


Western Xia Custom Park

· Route 2: Yellow River Bank Prehistoric Civilization and Desert Scenery Tour

Day One: Shuidonggou Tourist Area - Lingwu Dinosaur Geological Museum - Wuduqiao Farm - Tianshanhai World Scenic Area

Day Two: Yellow River Military Culture Expo Park - Ningxia Lavender Manor - Huangsha Gudu Ecological Tourism Area - Yellow River Bank National Wetland Park

Theme: Dinosaur fossil + paleolithic cultural relics + military culture + Yellow River culture + desert scenery

Highlights: Accompanied by the gentle waves of the Yellow River, you can listen to fascinating stories from ancient prehistoric times. Immerse yourself in the rich desert culture and appreciate the unique charm of the region's natural environment.

Three-Day Tour

Day One: Shuidonggou Tourism Area - Yellow River Hengcheng Tourism Resort - Yellow River Military Expo Park - Mingcui Lake National Wetland Park - Jingde Street Night Market

Day Two: Zhenbeipu Film City - Tianyanmiyu Agricultural Ecological Park - Helan Mountain Rock Paintings - Western Xia Tombs - Helan Mountain 1958 Theme Creative Leisure Area

Day Three: Huaxia Hetu Art Town - Yuquan International Winery Scenic Area - Zhongshuge Bookstore - Drum Tower

Theme: Ecotourism + city landmarks + “A Chinese Odyssey” + Western Xia Tombs

Highlights: Discover the enchanting landscapes of this northern desert, immerse yourself in a mysterious film city, explore fascinating archaeological sites, experience the poetry of an art town, and embark on a magical journey to the Western Xia Tombs.

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Yellow River Hengcheng Tourism Resort

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