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Number of inland ports under SPG reaches 43

|Updated: February 7, 2024

The Gansu (Jiuquan) Inland Port under Shandong Port Group (SPG) was inaugurated at the Jiuquan freight station in Gansu province on Feb 1, further enriching the sea-rail intermodal transport channel between Gansu and SPG.

That same day, the first sea-rail intermodal freight train set off from Jiuquan inland port to Qingdao Port, a subsidiary of SPG, marking an efficient and convenient eastbound maritime passage for import and export enterprises in Jiuquan.

To date, SPG has established 43 inland ports and opened 93 sea-rail intermodal train routes, boosting the development of the logistics artery, hub and platform in the Yellow River Basin.

As a national hub for land port logistics and the regional center of Gansu, Jiuquan boasts vast territory and abundant resources and serves as the western gateway to the Silk Road Economic Belt. In recent years, Shandong Port Land-Sea International Logistics Group Co Ltd has visited various cities along the Hexi Corridor, part of the ancient Silk Road in Gansu, to support economic development in central and western China, assist enterprises in tailoring personalized and integrated logistics solutions, facilitate sea-rail intermodal transport channels, and provide enterprises with "end-to-end" services that are more efficient and cost-effective.

In 2019, the inland services promotion conference of SPG entered Gansu, launching construction of the Lanzhou Inland Port. In 2023, SPG signed an agreement to develop the Wuwei Inland Port, accelerating the integrated development of port and city.

In the future, SPG will optimize train operation efficiency, enhance logistics services, promote economic exchanges between central and western China, and better integrate into the new development paradigm.


The first sea-rail intermodal freight train "Gansu Jiuquan-Qingdao Port" departs Jiuquan Inland Port, Gansu province, on Feb 1. [Photo/WeChat account: Shandong-Port]

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