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Rizhao port welcomes 1st shipment of bulgarian corn

|chinadaily.com.cn |Updated: February 27, 2024

Rizhao Port in Shandong province received its first shipment of bulk corn from Bulgaria on Feb 24, marking a significant milestone in bilateral trade relations and reinforcing its commitment to the Belt and Road Initiative. The arrival of the corn freighter, named Xinhaitong 36, underscores the port's determination to bolster national food security while diversifying corn imports.

China's strategic endeavor to diversify its corn imports aligns seamlessly with Bulgaria's status as a pivotal grain-producing nation in Europe. The burgeoning trade between China and Bulgaria, facilitated by the Belt and Road initiative, has paved the way for mutually beneficial agricultural exchanges.


Rizhao Port receives its first shipment of bulk corn from Bulgaria on Feb 24. [Photo/WeChat account: Shandong-Port]

Rizhao Port, a vital node in the Belt and Road network, aims to stabilize grain supplies and ensure national security. Leveraging integrated reform measures, the port has witnessed a remarkable 146 percent increase in corn unloading activity compared to the previous year, bolstering corn supplies in the hinterland.

Following stringent customs quarantine procedures, the imported corn will be swiftly transported to grain processing enterprises within the port. The port's efficient loading and unloading processes, coupled with meticulous planning by Yurong Company, ensure seamless operations and timely delivery.

The ongoing development of Rizhao Port's grain base project, including the expansion and modernization of storage facilities, promises to significantly enhance the port's import capacity. Looking ahead, Rizhao port is poised to integrate fully into the national grain industry framework, supporting Rizhao's transformation into a premier port-based grain logistics hub and safeguarding China's food security.

The arrival of Bulgarian corn at Rizhao Port also heralds a new chapter in Sino-Bulgarian trade relations, underscoring the port's pivotal role in advancing the Belt and Road Initiative and fortifying China's food security objectives.

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