Strong cloud computing industry develops in Hohhot


Last year, the Inner Mongolia government put a high priority on the development of new emerging industries, including cloud computing. The autonomous region will now make an all-out effort to build a cloud computing industry cluster. 

“Hohhot has obvious advantages in developing a cloud computing industry,” said Qin Yi, a deputy to the national people’s congress and the mayor of Hohhot.

“Hohhot is an important city in Northwest China and a hub connecting Russia and Mongolia,” he said. 

“Meanwhile, Hohhot’s good environment and climate as well as its advantages in resources and professionals have laid a solid foundation for developing its cloud computing industry,” he added.

Qin claimed that construction is going smoothly for Hohhot’s cloud computing industry and projects. The Hohhot government has made plans to build a cloud computing base measuring 40 square kilometers, with more than half of the base already constructed. China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have all established data centers there. 

Projects have commenced for the construction of the Inner Mongolia cloud application testing center. After the project has finished, Inner Mongolia will have China’s biggest cloud computing service platform, with the most complete functions.

Besides, Hohhot will set up an investment fund for the cloud computing industry but will also start to focus development on the big data industry.

Qin expressed his full confidence that Hohhot will be a key city in the cloud computing industry, and a cloud service platform will soon be built, serving the public as well as boosting economic development.