Hohhot enacts policies to boost big data sector


Hohhot has passed a set of interim supporting policies to boost its big data industry.  


Hohhot ramps up its efforts to provide favorable policies, financial rewards, and privileges to attract more accomplished individuals and organizations within the big data industry to the city. [Photo from hhhtnews.com]

According to the policies, the city plans to bring in 100 domestic and overseas big data research elites and entrepreneurs, 1,000 R&D talents, and 10,000 industrial professionals. 

Big data individuals, businesses, and municipal research institutes can all receive financial aid of varied amounts, the maximum of which is 5 million yuan ($724,400) and minimum is 1,000 yuan per head, based on the professional’s qualifications and performance in R&D projects and applications. 

Also, various monetary allowances and privileges will be made available to make up for these big data visionaries’ expenditures on life necessities including housing, health care, social insurance, and registered permanent residence.   


The policy series released by the Hohhot Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau took force on Nov 7, 2016. [Photo from cn.bing.com]