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Yili helps build breast milk bank


China's dairy giant Yili Industrial Co Ltd has made great efforts to promote the building of China's breast milk bank.

In January 2017, Yili, together with the China Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation (WCCNG), and 10 famous hospitals including Peking Union Medical College Hospital, launched a program to build a breast milk bank operating at the highest standards.

The bank collects, pasteurizes, tests and stores breast milk from donors, and then provides it to children with special needs such as preterm infants, underweight children, or those suffering from diseases.

Yi has played an important role in the program, which WCCNG has recognized.

"The promotion of the Chinese breast milk bank will build a good example for China to establish a standard breast milk bank," said Ren Wutao, vice-director of WCCNG.

"The program is of great significance to promote the rapid and sound development of China’s breast milk bank," Ren said.

"As Asia's number one dairy company, Yili has made prominent contributions to the building of a Chinese breast milk bank and breast milk research," he added.

Yili has always attached great importance to breast milk research, and Yili independently researches the characteristics of Chinese breast milk. From the comparison of the breast milk samples collected from throughout the country with those in the laboratory, Yili has great expertise in the nutritional components of breast milk.

Yili has built China’s first database for breast milk research, which has laid a good foundation for changes to the standards for China's infant milk formula.

Yili has spent 15 years researching breast milk, making great contributions to the healthy growth of the next generation.