Jin Opera enchants Hohhot audience



Selected Jin Opera classics are staged in Hohhot, capital city of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The wonderful performances enchanted the audience with the unique charm of Jin Opera and the high quality of the voices. [Photo by Ding Genhou/For en.hhhtnews.com]


A scene from the Jin Opera performance staged in Hohhot. Jin Opera originated in central part of North China's Shanxi province. It is one of four Bangzi operas – a type of opera characterized by its use of wooden clappers and energetic singing. It is extremely popular in Shanxi province, Inner Mongolia autonomous region and North China's Hebei province. [Photo by Ding Genhou/For en.hhhtnews.com]


A rich and colorful scene takes place during a Jin Opera performance staged in Hohhot. [Photo by Ding Genhou/For en.hhhtnews.com]


A member of the opera troupe applies makeup before the performance. [Photo by Ding Genhou/For en.hhhtnews.com]