Monishan town showcases intangible cultural heritage


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Fine intangible cultural heritage products go on display at Monishan Intangible Heritage Town – located in Hohhot, capital of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – from Jan 31. [Photo/Hohhot Evening News]

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Tourists appreciate the wares on display. Monishan Intangible Heritage Town is the first museum in the autonomous region to focus on intangible cultural heritage and handicrafts. The town has been selected as a national intangible cultural heritage and tourist attraction project. [Photo/Hohhot Evening News]

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Tourists try their hand at making Horinger paper-cutting artwork at Monishan town in Hohhot. Paper-cutting is a unique folk art that originated about 1,000 years ago in China. Horinger paper-cutting, with its style of integrating the history and folk customs of the grasslands, is one of the most representative artforms in North China. [Photo/Hohhot Evening News]

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An eye-catching selection of handicrafts goes on display in the town. [Photo/WeChat account of Wenlyu Qingcheng]