Yili marks World Earth Day with events


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A poster for Yili Group's World Earth Day events [Photo provided to en.hhhtnews.com]

Chinese dairy giant Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, or Yili, has launched a series of events to mark the World Earth Day.

Earth Day, falling on April 22, is an annual celebration that honors the achievements of environmental protection movements and raises awareness about protecting the Earth's natural resources.

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A poster for Yili's World Earth Day events [Photo provided to en.hhhtnews.com]

In April, Yili launched the "Jindian Empty Bottle Return Action", and successively launched offline recycling stations in Shenzhen, and other places, to recycle empty bottles. The bottles were then made into picnic mats, photo frames and other recyclable and environmentally friendly products.

As the first product in the food industry to pass the ISO14046 international standard and obtain the "Water Footprint Verification Statement", Yili's Ambrosial brand continues to devote itself to reducing the consumption of water resources. Some of its packaging materials meet the requirements of FSC, which will effectively reduce tree felling and protect forest resources.

Yili has always been committed to ecological protection. It has improved 55,000 mu (3,667 hectares) of degraded grassland in Ar Horqin Banner, planted 100,000 Haloxylon trees in Alshaa League, and built a beautiful "ecological wall", all in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. In the tropical rainforest of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, Yili has also built a "canteen" for Asian elephants.