Going green, Yili releases new sustainable development system



Pan Gang, president of Yili Group, delivered a speech on May 22. [Photo provided to en.hhhtnews.com]

Adhering to a green development path, Chinese dairy giant Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co – based in Hohhot, capital of North China's Inner Mongolia region, releases its achievements in sustainable development and a new development system on May 22.

Yili has recently released three important reports: the "Sustainable Development Report 2022," the "Biodiversity Conservation Report 2022," and the "Zero Carbon Future Report 2022." In addition, they have launched an innovative sustainable development system known as "WISH2030.”


Yili releases its new "WISH2030" sustainable development system on May 22. [Photo provided to en.hhhtnews.com]

In addition, Yili issued the "WISH2030 Declaration", launching a sustainable development initiative for the entire industry.

Pan Gang, president of Yili Group, pointed out that in summarizing Yili's 17-year sustainable development path, an enterprise must create value for society to realize its own value.


Liu Meng delivers a speech. [Photo provided to en.hhhtnews.com]

Liu Meng, head of Asia Pacific Networks UN Global Compact, emphasized that Yili has proactively responded to the United Nations' appeal to the business community to address significant sustainable development challenges, which is conducive to positively influencing, empowering, and driving more companies and industries to move towards sustainability and achieve high-quality development.