Yili Group awarded 5A Modernization Certification

2023-07-24 (en.hhhtnews.com)


Zhang Jianqiu, senior executive vice president of Yili Group, delivers a speech at the conference's opening ceremony. [Photo provided to en.hhhtnews.com]

The 14th China Dairy Industry Conference officially opened in Chongqing on July 20. Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group and its 10 subsidiaries were awarded the prestigious 5A-level Modernization Certification, making it the company with the highest number of such certifications in the Chinese dairy industry.

The China Dairy Industry Conference is an annual event that brings together leaders, experts, and representatives from various dairy enterprises to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and challenges in the industry. This year's conference focused on promoting the modernization and sustainable development of the dairy industry.


A researcher conducts dairy cow performance assessments. [Photo provided to en.hhhtnews.com]

The 5A-level Modernization Certification is a recognition for companies that have achieved high standards in modernization and innovation in the dairy sector. It signifies a company's commitment to product quality, technological advancement, and environmental sustainability.

Yili Group, as a leading dairy enterprise in China, has shown remarkable achievements in these areas. By acquiring the 5A-level Modernization Certification, they have demonstrated their dedication to implementing modern practices throughout their operations, from production to distribution. This recognition further reinforces Yili Group's position as an industry leader.

The award-winning subsidiaries of Yili Group cover various aspects of the dairy industry, including milk sourcing, processing, and product development. This recognition highlights their contributions and showcases the entire Group's comprehensive strength and capabilities.


The Jinhao Yili Intelligent Production Line. [Photo provided to en.hhhtnews.com]