Huzhou locals welcome their own art gallery | Updated: Nov 7, 2019


Huzhou Municipal Art Gallery [Photo/]

The launch ceremony for the Huzhou Municipal Art Gallery was held on Nov 4 in the Mount Renhuang Scenic Area in Huzhou, East China's Zhejiang province.

The three-story gallery emulates the architectural style of the Parthenon, a famous ancient temple in Athens, Greece.

It covers an area of nearly 6,900 square meters and is divided into several functional areas, including exhibition halls, storerooms, a library, a recreational area and a VIP reception room.

There are a total of three exhibition halls with a total floor area of over 2,000 sq m.

Wu Weishan, curator of the National Art Museum of China, attended the launch ceremony and donated a sculpture to the gallery.

Wu said that the gallery, as a platform for artistic exchange, has the potential to become a cultural center and landmark for the city.

Two free art exhibitions were launched at the gallery on the same day. Both of them will remain open until Dec 28.

The first exhibition mainly focuses on paintings and calligraphy works by local artists in Huzhou. It includes 70 works by 34 local artists and is being held on the first floor of the gallery.

The second exhibition, held on the second floor of the gallery, is an invitation exhibition for contemporary Chinese veteran artists. A total of 72 works by 38 veteran artists are featured, including Chinese paintings, oil paintings, and sculptures, among other works.


Visitors enjoy paintings and calligraphy works by local artists at the Huzhou Municipal Art Gallery. [Photo/]