Cartoonist tells Wuxing stories through artworks | Updated: Jan 10, 2020


Deng Huihua, a cartoonist who has seven studios in Wuxing district, Huzhou paints a new artwork in one of his studios. [Photo/WeChat account: aishangwuxing]

Deng Huihua, a cartoonist based in Wuxing district, Huzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, has been working to tell the district's stories through his artworks for over two years.

Deng, born in June 1973 in the prefecture-level city of Shaoyang, Hunan province, was a student of Cai Zhizhong, a well-known cartoonist famous for his attractive and interesting graphic works exploring Chinese philosophy and history.

In 2017, Deng came to Wuxing district after learning to paint from Cai Zhizhong in Taiwan. To date, he has established seven studios and has painted over 500 cartoons featuring local landscapes, traditional buildings, and traditional customs in the district.


A cartoon by Deng Huihua showcases the buildings and landscapes of a small village in Wuxing district, Huzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: aishangwuxing]

"I have published an album of freehand brushwork cartoons for Wuxing. I love this place – the beautiful scenery and friendly atmosphere are so incredible and attractive," said Deng. "Painting is my favorite thing. I can paint for seven days straight without leaving my studio."

Each of Deng's studios has a plaque on the door which reads – "Art should serve the people."

Deng now focuses on painting cartoons for products such as notebooks, playing cards and tourism brochures which showcase the district's landscapes, history and culture. 

According to Deng, cultural and innovative products in the district's markets and scenic spots had no local characteristics in the past, so he decided to paint illustrations for them.


Deng Huihua has painted cartoons for a number of cultural and innovative products in order to promote the district's landscapes, traditional buildings and traditional customs. [Photo/WeChat account: aishangwuxing]