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I discover Jinpu | Dalian AI Computing Center

Updated: March 4, 2024

The multimedia international communication program "I discover Jinpu" is now live! The letter "i" sounds like "love" in Chinese and represents "information/index" in English, echoing the theme "discover".

The host will conduct field visits to explore various aspects of Jinpu, covering the local economy, culture and customs, allowing the audience to gain a deeper understanding of Jinpu New Area and fall in love with it.

The theme for the first season is "innovation". The host will guide the audience on a journey to different industries and enterprises related to innovation.

In the first episode, our host visited the National Agricultural Science and Technology Park in Jinpu New Area, which has adopted various intelligent monitoring systems. The Park, in collaboration with various departments, has established a digital fruit industry lab and R&D center, and developed the first-generation of Chinese agricultural sensors with completely independent intellectual property rights.

Additionally, the Park has partnered with the Dalian Artificial Intelligence Computing Center to monitor 59 types of crops and 1,534 varieties of plant diseases.

Our host also visited the Dalian Artificial Intelligence Computing Center, which is the first and largest artificial intelligence computing center in Northeast China and currently boasts the highest computing power in the northern region of China. According to the center's top manager Xing Yankui, the center focuses on promoting industrial innovation through technological innovation, collaborating with nearly 224 companies and research institutions in various fields, covering the marine, agriculture, industry, and chemical industries in Dalian, to create a new industry format.