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Jinzhou Dragon Dance draws crowds in Huizhou

Updated: March 6, 2024


[Photo by Li Hongsheng]

On February 24, the "Dancing with Chinese Dragons" parade was held in Huizhou city, Southeast China's Guangdong province. Dragons of various styles danced to the rhythmic resonance of drums and gongs as they paraded through major venues in Huizhou. Eighteen of them belong to the country's national intangible cultural heritage and two came from Hong Kong and Macao. There were also 31 provincial intangible cultural performances from Guangdong.

As the only dragon dance team from Northeast China, Jinzhou Dragon Dance from Jinpu New Area gave a stunning performance in the parade, garnering coverage from more than 20 media outlets.


[Photo by Li Hongsheng]

The 25-meter-long dragon displayed diverse formations and nearly 40 vigorous and graceful dance moves, earning instant praise. Audience actively interacted with the performers of the Jinzhou Dragon Dance team, and media outlets eagerly covered the spectacle.

Jinzhou Dragon Dance, with a history of over a hundred years, is the only intangible cultural heritage dragon dance project in the Northeast region. It has performed in Beijing on multiple occasions and is renowned as a folk dance form with maritime cultural characteristics from the southern Liaoning.