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International youth World Cup comes to Dalian

Updated: May 22, 2024

The ISF Football World Cup 2024 kicked off in Dalian, Liaoning province, on Saturday, marking the first time the prestigious international high school soccer event has been held in China. Finals will take place on Sunday.

With 55 teams from 33 countries and regions, with more than 1,300 high school student-athletes, the tournament promises to be a celebration of soccer and youth.

The final match and closing ceremony of the tournament are scheduled for May 26.

Organized by the International School Sport Federation, the ISF Football World Cup is renowned as the most influential global high school soccer competition.

Laurent Petrynka, the president of ISF, emphasized that while sports competition is at the core of their mission, the event aims to offer more to the young athletes.

In Dalian, Liaoning province, apart from the intense matches, the athletes will engage in various activities aimed at fostering mutual understanding and cultural exchange.

"For the athletes, it's also having the experience of China," he said.

Dalian, a port city on the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, is a city famous for its rich soccer tradition and deep-rooted soccer culture.

Jin Guowei, vice-governor of Liaoning, highlighted the passion for soccer among the children in the city and province, saying that the province — with its strong sporting tradition — boasts a vibrant soccer culture that has a solid foundation on school campuses.

"We will make continued efforts to promote the high-quality development of youth soccer in Liaoning," he said.